Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Start of Something New

I have successfully moved out of my CBU dorm room and now I am back home in San Diego for a breif time. On Sunday I will be leaving for 3 weeks for choir tour up the coast of California. During that time I will not be able to write or be on my facebook but I still have my phone so you can call me if you really need to talk to me.
It was a little bit of a strange thing moving out of school and then coming home and fully functioning again as a daughter under my parents roof. I feel like at school I was so independent and could do whatever, and now I have to check to see if that is in the schedule. I dont really mind it that much because that is how I have always lived at home, its just different than being at school on my own.
Also, it is strange to have a consistant eating schedule! I am actually pretty excited about that. At school I would only eat when I literally had the time to do so which was normally in between class, choir and work. It is nice to be able to cook a little bit and eat things besides Quaker Oat dry cereal and top ramen. Haha a true college kid at heart I suppose.
While I am excited to be staying at home this summer, I still feel like I have the desire to travel. I would like to ask you to pray for me as I am pretty much set on going overseas to study in Prague in the Czech Republic for the spring semester of 2010. There are still a ton of loose ends that need to tied up there and a lot more money spent before I can successfully start planning on going.
Over the summer, I do hope to get a job. I just had an interview at Panera Bread Co. yesterday down at the mall in Escondido. That would be really fun to work there and be able to earn some money in the mean time. I will let you all know how that turns out, but I am fairly optimisitc about it.
I also hope to go to Hume Lake as a counselor for HS kids with chruch. I love Hume and that would be a blast!
I am also looking foward to San Clemente beach camping and Lake Havasu August trip that my family always takes with the Davidson gang.
I guess those will be events that I will fill you in on as they are happening. The next blog will be about New Song Choir Tour!
"We're on the road again..."

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wrapping Up

Well, one whole year of school done! Ohmygoodness! I never thought that it would go so quickly! I feel like in a lot of ways, I would like to go back and start the year over again. I have learned sooo much and know that the most important lessons that I have learned have not been in the classroom, but rather, in the heart. I had a really tough time adjusting to college life after coming from a small christian high school, but after several months and many conversations later, I have come out A-ok. Second semester really was a new beginning for me and I felt like it was only that time that I began to really get to know people because I then knew myself. Someone once told me recently that my life over these past 8 months have been to them an "example of God's faithfulness" and I would have to whole heartedly agree! I have gone through the most amount of growth that I ever have needed to experience up until this point of my life and had to deal with a lot of past issues, but through it all, the Lord was with me every step of the way. There were some times this past year that I felt so alone and so much longed for a friendly hug that I had to rely on God to be the one who sustained all of my needs, not just my physical ones.
I know that blogs are supposed to be short, but I am an English major, and we never keep things short. However, I hope that you will join me throughout the summer as I continue my journey of life and continue to see God's faithfulness at home!
How exciting!
I will be back home in San Diego on April 28-May 2 and then will return home again for the whole summer May 18.