Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Library

As I approach, a 30-something man holds open the door for me.
"How are you doing today?" he asks with genuine interest.
"I'm fine thank you. Quite hot today, isn't it?" I answer glibly.
"You from here?"
He chocolate brown eyes search my own as my ears instantly absorb his thick African-accent.
Images of Kenya run through my mind almost as quickly as dust that wild zebras kicked up swirls through the thick, Nairobi air.
" Yes, I am," I lie, not wanting to expose information to a man who 6'3" frame could snap me like a crackling stick, brittled by the Sahara sun.
"Oh you are? I'm not. I just came from Florida."
The "i" in "Florida" sounds more like "e" and I can't help but notice the way he searches.
He is a foreigner. For what he searches I am unsure.
A fresh start?
A friend?

I nod and hurry to the reference desk, hoping to avoid anymore interactions with one of Knoxville's newest residents.

A 20-something research librarian stands before me.
Silk straight light brown hair, shaped around her jaw. Lightly floral patterned green shirt set squarely on her small frame. Her left hand is adorned by a thin gold wedding ring fit with a simple, single solitaire diamond that says in a small voice "I am loved everyday of my life."
Scanners cheep and books are exchanged. Five books.

I wind through the linear homes of book.
Like the librarian's bronze-coloured flats with the small bow embellishment.
Like the printed words "G.A.P Authentic" on that man's hat. A stretch from "next-to-new" but certainly "used before".

Computer stations.
Four pine-stained chairs station "my table".

Eyes glance my way, then dart back to the texts, like humming birds in search of nourishment.
Something new.
Something new, they say.

"Viet Nam Veteran" on a hat of navy, and cheap, wooden crutches surround a man with a three-day-old beard.
Surrounding him.
Consuming him.
At least to me, that's all I can see.
I can't see the scars burnt onto his memory of scorching days overseas.
Or his seven grandchildren who barely know him.
Or his mutt-of-a-dog who stirs in his tiny home this very moment.
I don't see his naked ring finger that once told of the volume of love in his now-bitter heart.


The library.

I Could Have Danced All Night

Last night's song of the day: I Could Have Danced All Night from My Fair Lady

My love and I went on a try lovely date last night. First, we went to this new Italian restaurant called Savelli's (most excellent and highly recommended...has a great atmosphere, friendly staff, definitely a spot that is frequented by locals, and of course, great food!) and went swing dancing. The K_____ (city name) Swing Association hosts a weekly swing dance lesson + hours of DJ'ing of swing music.  I really am not good at any type of dancing, but I certainly love swing dancing! This was my second time attending the KSA's event and it was even better the second time around.

PS If you haven't seen My Fair Lady, and you like Aubrey Hepburn, speech pathology, accents, all things British, classic love stories, or just love fantastic movies, please do your self a service and check out this movie!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Am I Never Content?

I saw this picture today and it left me longing for snow. Even though I don't like cold weather, standing out in the snow seems awfully lovely today. My 108 year old house has an A/C unit, but its not the traditional kind that comes out the floor. Thus, it is expensive to run the A/C (can I get an amen?). It has been well into the 80s for the past two weeks (every since I returned from a cool 60-70 degrees California). I'm staring to get used to it, but it really zaps the energy out of me. This snowy wonderland enticed me ever so much that I actually was singing Winter Wonderland (the song of the day) while making dinner in a sweat. Enjoy a flash forward of 5 or 6 months and into the land of wonder. 


Friday, June 8, 2012

Song of the Day

Sometimes, we just need to be reminded how beautiful Jesus is!

Praying for my family far, far away right now and wishing I could be with them for my loving grandmother's, Blue Jay, memorial service and funeral today.

Thank you Lord that you stay the same and that you are the true beauty that we can always count on! Thank you for your creation of beautiful people who help point us to you, such as Blue Jay. Lord, thank you for the influence she had on my life, on my mom's life, on my family's life, and on the lives of everyone who knew her. Most of all, thank you, Lord, for your beautiful salvation! Thank you for the fact that "soon we will be comin' home!"