Thursday, September 1, 2011

Don't You Remember by Adele + Thoughts on Journaling

This is such a beautiful song and I simply love the lyrics combined with the soulful sound of Adele's voice.

I have been dabbling with writing fiction lately and some of it is fairly good, some of it is awful and really unpolished. I have always had this idea that I will someday become an author and have started working on a novel. I am hoping that through this fiction class I am taking at University I will be able to better hone my skills. I know some friends who are journalists and get their things published online or in our school's newspaper from time to time. Since I am not a journalist, but more of a "free spirit" writer, I use my blog to think that my words will be published and people might find some small bit of enjoyment out of what I think and have to say. I know not many people follow my blog, but for those of you who do, thank you! I love to update you with things going on in my life and different topics that stand out to me. Sometimes these topics come in the form of words, and other times they come in the form of a song (or two).

Today's song reflects my heart and I wish I had written it myself and could sing it as well as Adele does. but since that is not the case, enjoy.

On a side note, the other day my beloved roommate and I were talking about our days and I told her that when I get bored in classes and simply cannot bare to concentrate on what the teacher is rambling on about (doesn't happen often, but when it does, its quite terrible!) I have this bad habit of writing class...yes I know. See (?), I love to journal and I have thoughts constantly running through my head. I don't understand people who are "quiet natured" (...actually, they fascinate me and scare me all at the same time...I don't really know what to do with them! haha!). I think its true that I can strike up a conversation of some sort of significance with just about anyone (hellooooo high school teaching job...) and LOVE to make people feel comfortable when they are thrown into new environments. Anyways, back to the poetry: If I had my way I would probably journal and write down my thoughts and process everything that is brewing in my brain for at least an hour each day. When I do my quiet times with the Lord they normally last for about 45 mins-an hour because I have just so much to say! (and he's always willing to listen...thank goodness!). That being the case, when I go to class (or sit in any type of formal situation where I am limited from talking and sharing my opinions) I want to write. I feel like my thoughts are crowding out my brain and are telling me to listen to them as opposed to listen to someone who I don't care to listen to at the moment. Well, while I am in class, I simply cannot journal because I would look like a crazy-person with pages flying into thin air and my pen noisily dancing around my page. So, I write poems about my thoughts that I want to journal. Its actually more challenging than journaling (obvs...) because I am forced to think of what exactly I am feeling and then to try to capture that with succinct words. I told my roommate all this and, although she looked at me like I was a nutcase, she said she wanted to read my poetry! Well, well, well, folks! I now had an audience who wanted to hear my thoughts! Not only that, but my roommate is a bit of a song writer and plays guitar and piano. While I play piano (a smidge-smidge) only according to what is written in the sheet music, my roommate likes to play around with the music and add her own vibes into it. She asked me to read the poem with emotion so she could know how to write the song and then, about 2 hours later, I had my poem written into a song! It was amazing! I almost cried when I heard her write it because it was just so stinkin' cool to have that experience where I had something to express and if I *could* have expressed it in a song it probably would have been a lot better than just as poetry. Well, here we had the best of both worlds combined (I dont know how our apartment stays in tact and doesn't blow up with all these creative brains flowing through our heads and surrounding our apartment walls! eyeyeigheye!). We are unsure if we will post a youtube video of ourselves singing/playing the song, but its a possibility.

Give it a try sometime. Even if you don't think you have an ounce of creativity in your veins, just put your pen to paper and see where your mind takes you. It doesn't have to be good, by any stretch of the imagination, just write what's on your heart and keep it a secret. You'll feel much better once its all written down and you have closed the front cover of your journal, I promise. So many tears have sprung-a-leak from my eyes only after I have begun to journal and feel my emotions come to life. Its super freeing and so true that the pen truly is mightier than the sword.

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  1. This was awesome to read. I love your creativity and you!