Friday, December 9, 2011


(Yes, I do realize that my order for completing my 101 things may be driving some of you bonkers, but I never was a 1-101 type of girl. I prefer to be all over the map [or blog].)

#100 reads "be the first person to tell someone exciting new". 

Well, about three weeks ago one of my two best friends from back home told me she was engaged! I am thrilled for her since she has found such a wonderful man. I was surprised that he popped the question so soon because last time I was talking to her, she said it would be a while before they were engaged. But, apparently he felt differently! Since he is in the Marines and will be deployed (not deported as I kept saying...geesh) in a year and a half, they want to get married now and have a little time together. And by "now" I mean NOW! If I have calculated it correctly, they will be engaged for 5 weeks! They plan to be wed a week from tomorrow. One of the bummer things about having a wedding planned so quickly is that you dont know if everyone will be in town. I am heading out to Puerto Rico for a mission trip and get back the night they are supposed to be married. Unfortunately, I will not be able to be in the wedding or able to attend. 

But I diverge... 

One of the best parts about getting engaged is that you get to tell everyone! Well, I certainly wasn't the one engaged here, but I did ask my BFF if I could have permission to tell my family. She said of course. (This is where #100 falls into place...) I called my parents and then my two sisters and broke the news to them. They all were shocked and it was SO much fun to be able to relay such good, happy news to them (and, of course, to be the first one to break it to them!) 

I cannot wait to get to know my best friend's new husband and to see them when I go home for Christmas break! Congratulations to you both!

Date completed: November 19th, 2011

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