Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why to Live?

Sometimes on my toughest days I think "Why to live? Why should I keep living here on Earth when my heart is in Heaven? When some of my family members and friends and other people's relatives that I loved are there too?"

And then I hear a song. A simple song my mother used to sing from time to time. I have not heard it in years (probably 10 years to be honest). I heard it sung tonight (and sang it myself, actually) in a room full of people whom I have come to love. These people are genuine and they care. They "practice what they preach". They uplift others in the room because that's what we do- that's how we function.

So not if, but when, you ever ask yourself "why to live?" just sing this little song, and hopefully you will find the answer provided in the song the answer to your quandary.

Why to live? ...Because He lives.

It is only through Jesus that I can fight this pain. It is only through Jesus that I can fight this battle. It is only through Jesus that I don't give up entirely. Because He lives I can face tomorrow...I may be shaking in my boots and I may have tear-stained cheeks, but I will still live. I will survive. And I will continue to grow in His love and His light...because He lives.

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