Monday, July 16, 2012


I had a summer school professor who taught high school English for her day job, and then was a PhD professor at UT by evening. She said she did a study in her class on heroes. I took a class my freshman year at CBU when I was in their honours program and it was called "The Study of the Epic Hero". Since it was a Christian school, we studied Biblical heroes as well as literary heroes. For some reason, I love heroes. I mean, isn't that what you are supposed to do? Love the hero and hate the villain? Last weekend I saw "Spiderman" (the new one) and loved it! Why? Its about a hero! Peter Parker is a convincing hero who is a-less-than-average high school boy who has an interesting past and a mystified future once he gets bitten by the spider.
A hero.

Jesus. A hero.

Randomly, this song popped into my mind this morning. I think I heard it on the radio once or twice before, but today the line "there he goes, a hero" were rolling around and around in my mind like marbles shifting across the deck of a topsy-turvy boat and leaving their wet-marks behind.

How is Jesus a hero?

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