Friday, May 29, 2009

New Song Choir Tour!

Choir tour! or as Mr. Clifft (our director) liked to call it, "The Glorious Inconvience". haha it was a lot of work, but also a ton of fun! I have included 5 pictures for your viewing pleasure. The first pic of 4 girls is when we went to the sourdough factory in SF. It was really windy and quite chilly. The other one with 4 girls is when we had a day (well more like an hour and a half) to explore San Francisco! We went to a lookout place and it was very windy there as well (hence the messed up hair-dos). Next is me and Anna Alford, my roommate next year, and good friend. We were seat buddies for the tour and had a wonderful time just goofing off with each other when neither one of us could stand being in the bus any longer. The last pic is when we had the "opportunity" to sing at a farm! It was pretty crazy alright...come to think of it! It was insanely windy that night too! The pic below is a group shot outside of an ice cream store in Sutter Creek Old Town. That was a really fun place to walk around and explore too.

Everyday we would go to high schools, either Christian or public, either way, and would do a choir exchange. That means that we would sing for them and then they would sing for us. It was a great way to interact with the high school students. I think we had some 180 students audition and receivce scholarships to come to CBU (who knows what the stats are of who tries out and actually comes though?). Then we would normally go to another school and do the same thing over again. We would then most likely drive for about an hour to where ever our next destination and arrive and set up our sound equiptment and all. I was on the riser set up crew (whoot!). We would get ready for our concert that evening and then afterwards, pair up with couples and families from the church that we sang at that night and spend the night at their house. At first the homestays were really strange for me, in theory and thought at least, but we were always paired up with another choir member. Most of the times, the groups that I was in had at least 4 girls per night. One night we had a record of 12 girls in a 2 bathroom house with 3 bedrooms, 20,000 air matresses and loving hosts who were clowns! That was really one of the most memorable nights.
We traveled all the way up California (mostly inland) to San Francisco area and then came back down to Riverside. There was lots of driving, lots of pictures taken, lots of smiles, (apparently lots of wind too), and of course...LOTS and lots of singing! We created a ton of inside jokes and grew together as a choir and as sisters in the Lord as well. It was a great experience, but I am glad that it will probably only be a once in a life time experience. I am going to choir next year, however, for the second semester I will be studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic so in May when the tour is, I will still be over there finishing up school...and playing around too :)
If you want to see more pictures, just let me know! I have plenty, and tons more stories too!
Au Revoir!

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