Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Its a New Day!

So, I have FINALLY found a job! After 8 weeks of searching high and low I have received probably the most random job anyone could ever ask for. I am working at a resort center near my house called Welk Resort San Diego and I am the "tram driver" (or as I like to say "transportation engineer"). I just started today as my first day and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I am glad, however, that it is not a 40 hour a week type of job, as I think I would probably loose my mind from driving in so many circles around the parking lots! It is very strange bc it is so clear to me that it is a non-Christian work environment! I mean, to be completely honest, I havent heard the "F" word in a really long time and today I was a little bit shocked, once more. If there is one thing that constantally shocks me, it is that word. Sure I've heard it before and all, but it doesnt mean that I like it, nor do I ever use it. Its just all a bit wacky to me. I know that I am sheltered at CBU and have been for most of my life growing up. I am excited to see how the Lord will use me in this non-Christian environment that I have been dropped into, for once in my life. It was very exciting though bc I met a friend of Ope's and she is a Christian too. She is a fellow tram driver and was very sweet. I just hope that through this all, I will have been able to be a glimpse of God's love and not just some kid who hasnt grown up yet and realized that partying and all are way more fun than anything that God has to do for us. Yes, I am completely aware that parting and getting drunk are fun! I've witnessed it with my very own eyes and can understand it perfectly well, from this side of the line. For those of you who dont know me all that well, I have a severe problem with the idea of Christians drinking alcohol, especially!! in a public setting. I know that most people (christians included) would disagree with me on this one, and I am ok with that. I have my personal reasons and my biblical reasons and feel that I can support my POV so there is no need to convince me otherwise.
Anyways *dismounts from soap box*, I know that the Lord has placed this job opportunity in my lap for a specific reason, and I have a feeling that it is more than to just have a close summer job and be able to earn some more money. Please be praying for me as this is going to be hard for me. Pray that my ears would be closed off, and that my heart would be wide open for the people that I am working with.

Just to keep you up to date; some recent activities:
I actually havent been doing that much of anything at all! It has been very nice to relax, but now I am ready to work and do something productive.
I am making a quilt of my uniforms from LCS this summer (but have gotten stuck and need someone to help me out!)
I have cleaned out most of my room (still need to do the desk and the closet- those will be the 2 biggest projects of the room)
I have continued to study the Czech language and am learning lots from books from the library about the CR (so excited and prayerfully hoping it will work out!)
I had the opportunity to hang out with my sister Amanda who lives in LA and havent been able to see in over a month!
I have looked at different schools that have Deaf Education programs and have applied to one college in particular.
I have decided to live my life one day at a time and enjoy it to the fullest possible potential! Not everyone gets the chance to take it slow and easy like I have the chance to do now, so I might as well enjoy it for the time being!!

Thats about all for now, Im sure that there will be plenty of updates coming soon!

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