Monday, July 25, 2011

Bucket List: #8

Well, well, well- I've completed two things off my bucket list this week and I must say I've had a fantastic time doing so! Since it is summer and is in the mid-80s here in San Diego, both of this week's activities involved- you guessed it- water. (more to come later about the second activity, #64 on the list)

#8 go surfing
It wasnt until I moved to TN that I began to realize how ridiculous it was for me to have never gone surfing before. Now that I am back in San Diego for the summer, I called up one of my buddies (a die-hard surfer, might I add) and asked him if he would like to give me a lesson. This past Saturday I went to Oceanside Beach where the water was 70 degrees and the air temperature was close to 82 degrees and went surfing! I never realized how many muscles it actually took (still sore 2 days later, actually). We had SUCH a great day and it was too much fun to even describe! We had some good laughs, but all in all, it was a success. I was able to stand up multiple times and had a couple of pretty good rides (...granted, I cannot steer whatsoever; I just go straight). Now I am thinking it would be a great hobby to take up, but seeing that TN is about 8 hours away from the ocean, doesnt look like I'll be signing up for the Big Kahuna festival anytime soon.

Oceanside Harbour, CA

Surfing! (with Chris and Griffin)

My foot (my only proof) and my surfboard for the day (thanks to Griffin)

I didnt get any pictures of us actually ON the water, but these are close enough. It was such a beautiful day and a wonderful learning experience. Note: if you want to look silly, try going surfing for the first time. You'll get pretty close to looking as silly as you can as you practice trying to get into position on the sand before you try it out in the water.

One of the most comical things that happened was this: while my friend was changing into his wetsuit, he asked me to rub the wax on the surfboard. I was kneeling down and had no idea if I was doing it right, but apparently the lady next to me on the beach (a stranger who quickly became a part of my cheering squad...ha! haha!) was a surfer and thought I was doing well. She asked me "So, how long you been surfing for?" I looked at her a little bewildered (and thinking now that I would have an audience for the next couple of hours) and told her this was my first time. She seemed impressed (although, IDK how impressive it is to correctly apply wax in a circular motion to a surfboard...) and said she'd watch how I did out on the water. Ha! Well, when we came back in she and I were BOTH impressed how well I did (I honestly didnt think I would be able to stand up after just a few times of practicing). We politely chatted for a few minutes and then went on our way. I love situations like that when you dont actually introduce yourself but you walk away feeling like the world has just become a tinsey bit smaller because you've reached out and interacted with another human being. Fantastic!

Date completed: July 23rd, 2011

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