Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eyes and Words and Looks and Communication


I love the way Sam expresses herself! She is a wonderful photographer and has such an artistic view of life.
I second her feelings of looking around and wondering what the person I am seeing is thinking. I do a lot of signing, and with that, comes a lot of self-video tapes. I am very familiar with my facial expressions. ...especially when I laugh because I do it so often. I swear, I'm gonna be one of those unfortunate old ladies who has crows feet by the time I'm 27. Regardless, facial expressions communicate SO MUCH to me! I am good at reading people. I can tell when something is going on. This partially comes from hiding my own emotions and personal thoughts. Because I am a very expressive person, I have had to learn how to conceal my emotions off of my face. Recently, someone taught me the concept of having a "wordless conversation". At first, its a little uncomfortable. But sometimes looks and eye gaze communicate so much more than words ever could. You know the cliche "a picture's worth a 1,000 words"? Well, I think you could say "some facial expressions are worth an infinite amount of words".

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