Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Springtime in Tennessee

Life is: enjoying the simple pleasures of spring.
New floral shirt.
The colour yellow.
Bare feet.
Blooming trees (ehh...allergies).
Bright streams of sunlight that cast glorybeams across campus and make designs on the carpet in my living room.
Bluegrass music!
Hammocking outside for hours on end.
Knowing you are so close to finishing your college career it makes you want to sleep for the next 5 weeks straight and wake up in time for graduation.

In honor of the day, some random students who are obviously in some sort of bluegrass band, decided to play songs outside for several hours. While looking around for a good spot to hammock, I heard them, and thought "ah ha! I've found my clump of trees for the afternoon!" Low and behold- one of the songs they sang "My Little Girl in TN". How fitting for me :)

Enjoy with the complements of the season: spring.

(This is not the group of students I listened to...but you get the picture).

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