Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oh How He Loves Us

This song has popped into my head twice today, actually. The first time was because I was looking at my engagement ring and I thought to myself "Every time I see this ring I just think of how much he loves me." And then the Holy Spirit brought the though into my head "Oh how He loves you! How much greater does God love you than Aaron loves you?"

The second time I started singing it was while I was sitting on the front porch of the halfway house where I work. I am on staff, and get paid, but I feel like this place has become my second home. I used to live here full time when I was the live-in house monitor, and then it really was my home. But now, it is my second home. The atmosphere is not always the most put it mildly. There are many ups and downs in the women's lives that really effect them throughout the day. When they come home elaited or in a grouchy mood, it shows and you can feel a shift in the atmosphere of the house. Anyways, while the women were at a NA meeting, I have the house to myself for 1 hour. Do you know how rare 1 hour is in my little universe right now? One hour of me time? Of time to sit on the porch, eat chocolate pie that the volunteers from local churches bring, and to watch the cows graze across the roadway? Well...I get two hours of it a week. It was during that one hour tonight that I sang, out loud, the song Oh How He Loves Us. I felt the Holy Spirit wash over me in an instant and felt surrounded by peace and by God's love.

Totally the weirdest music video...but the music is beautiful. And the words are true. And for that, I am eternally thankful!

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