Saturday, September 1, 2012

Far Away...To the Island in Our Blue Bay

With all the uncertainty in my futurer about where to live, where to work, when to get married, and how to pay the bills, all I know is that an island in our blue bay far away sounds really, really enticing today.

It may also be because of this hot, sunny weather that we've been enjoying for the past three months or so here in E. TN. I dread the sight of falling leaves, because it means the cold is coming to get me! Autumn is nice, and 60 degrees is nice, and hammocking all cuddled up in blankets is nice, but...then...winter comes and that is not nice. At all. I don't know how my sister will survive her first winter away from Southern California...because she's in Pittsburg! Yikes!

Praising the Lord in the midst of all these future uncertainties, and praising Him for the lovely apartment I have now, and for all of the SO many blessings He has given to me! Like a car! (A mini cooper, to be exact.) He is good. He is in control.
And He is the one who makes those islands in blue bays far away.

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