Friday, November 11, 2011

#17 Run a 5K Race

Well, after nearly a whole semester of training (plus a summer of walking up and down mountain hills at camp), I am finally going to complete #17: run a 5K race!

You see, I have run one 5K before, but I was not able to run the entire thing without stopping. My goal for this race has been to run the entire thing, and I know that I can. I have successfully run the distance of 5K in training, but only once (this past Tuesday night) did I actually run the whole thing without stopping. Since I have done it once, I know I can do it again tomorrow morning. Take a peak at the course I will be running:

The most concerning part for me will be to run back over (and completely uphill) the bridge that stretches from the Ag. Campus back to the main part of campus. It will definitely be a challenging run and I am going to push myself to run the whole thing!

I am very excited! Wish me luck! I am hoping to complete the race in 34 minutes flat. On Tuesday night, I ran the whole 3.2 (...or 3.1...not sure which) miles in 35:28. We'll see! 

UPDATED VERSION! I completed my whole race by running the entire thing! There were two hills that were tricky, but I was able to finish strong with a time of 34:40. I reached my "within the 34 minute" goal that I had *originally* set, but I did not accomplish my goal of 34 minutes flat. Oh well! I still ran the whole thing and am super proud! Thanks for the support and a special thanks to my running buddies!

Date completed: November 12th, 2011

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