Friday, November 4, 2011

#80 Creamers and Lattes and Boys (oh my!)

#80 learn how to make really good coffee drinks:

Well, after all these years (...meaning nearly 4 years) I've discovered the key to really good coffee! 
1. Its all about the creamer
2. If you don't have fancy creamer, Starbucks is normally just a few blocks away 

Now, some of you may be thinking "that's the cheater version", and I agree, however, it is my secret to really good coffee. My roommate and I love the "International Delights" creamers because they have all different flavours like "cinnamon bun" and "dulce de leche" and "white chocolate mocha". All you have to do is a) brew a pot of coffee (Hayley and I like to use these flavoured samplers of coffee such as "gingerbread-man roast" and "bold cinnamon") b) add about 1/8 cup of sugar to your cup c) pour in the creamer d) stir and e) enjoy!! 
Pretty good, eh? 
My body responds really well to coffee and will keep my blood pumping well past midnight if I drink it anytime after 2pm. If I know I have a paper to write or a large assignment that needs to be completed, I will follow steps a-e and be good to go for several hours. ...Its an awfully good thing that rich, brown, liquid keeps me going because I have an 8am lecture on "The Grammar and History of the English Language". Let's just say, for the past two weeks we've been studying 18th century English dictionaries (*YAWN*!!!!!).

If all else fails, like I said, whip out your smart-phone and use the "coffee finder" to locate your nearest Starbucks =) 

For your musical enjoyment and entertainment, Kristen Chenoweth has a little something-something to say about "Latte Boys". Check it out. 
(Kristen Chenoweth is a famous Broadway star who played the original part of Galinda/Glinda in Wicked)

To hear what Taylor the Latte Boy thinks about all this, listen up:

Date completed: November 4th, 2011

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