Friday, November 25, 2011


This entry has no music for it IS the music of my soul tonight.

I have been writing and reading all week...mostly writing. My short story is less than ten hours away from being completely d-o-n-e. (I am ecstatic!)

My inspiration to write this tonight comes out of a heart that is in love; in love with my Creator. I have been reading the book "Captivating" by J and S Eldridge and it has been "heart changing" (you know, like "life changing"...but "heart changing"). It has given me SO much to think about. Its one of those books where you can only read about 4 pages at a time because I would be in tears otherwise because of the way the Lord speaks to me through it. I love it. I've been reading it all semester, actually, its just that this week (4 and a half day weekend!) I've been on a little retreat with the Lord and we are having a delightful time. I am not at a camp, in fact, I am in an unexpected situation to be having a retreat, but it could not have come at a more perfect timing.

Anyways; my psalm to the Lord (inspired after reading Psalm 46 and 47)

Run, all you people.
You who are about to faint and die of exhaustion.
You who have no hope left in the world.
Run into the arms of God the Father,
The one who is our Refuge; our Fortress and our Tower; our Saviour.

When you are sick with anxiety and stress, run to Him.
His eternal love will fill your heart.
He will heal your soul and will revive your life.

When the door to your heat is falling off its hinges and so badly tattered,
Sleep with Him. Let His warmth spread through you.
Allow His heart to moisten your soul with His dewy words of deep adoration for you.
For you! 
You individually. 
For you, Oh sinner. 
For you, Oh redeemed child of the King.

Cast off all of your own strength and abandon your old self.
Your sins do not matter, for He loves you so.
Why do you continue to sin, though? Run with all your might away from your temptations. He will enable your feet to have jet packs and will deliver you away from your sin into His broad and caring chest.

God is one who provides. He is our Rescuer; our constant Lover; the One who will never harm us.
Run to Him, all you feeble and needy people.
Return to the One you love for His love will surround you like a blanket of humidity on a warm summer’s night.


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