Monday, November 28, 2011

Heart, Soul, and Self Psalm

Another psalm! I originally didnt want to post these because I am writing them to the Lord and they are me talking to him out of our quiet times together, however, I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from others who say it brings them closer to God, so I decided I will continue to post them.

Inspired out of Psalm 52

Why, Oh Soul, must you run and hide?
Do not be ashamed.
Turn to the LORD, the Everlasting Giver of mercy.

Why, Oh Heart, do you not trust him with every beat?
Like a young vine, wrap yourself around His promises.
Let the fibers of your pulse-maker intertwine with His great love.

Why, Oh Self, do you disappoint?
Come cleanse me, God, so I may be yours!
Remove the spots of my sin, black like a Dalmatian’s, from my mind.

For surely, evil will not prevail in me!
My soul, heart, and self are captivated by your beauty, Oh LORD.
Allow me not to look away from your great face.

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